The AGC Team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. 
During negotiations and consultations, we are open and fair. Our explanations are clear and precise – without awkwardness and complexity.
We hate boredom and conservative attitude. Our clients love us because we’re honest (heart smiley)
We invite you for a cup of coffee as a client or a future partner.

Over 5 years of involvement with Visa Consultancy Services and hard- core Social Media Marketing and Training.
Perfectionist (No silly mistakes that could cost you your visa).
In today’s era of ruthless competition and continuous innovation, Sindhu has steel in her veins to keep up and rise above it.
Creator and Identifier of Opportunities.
Fuss – pot at times. (Most of the time)



Busy maintaining his already impressive and established identity as an entrepreneur. Retail Genius. Crisis Management Expert. His diverse background helps the team stay on task and the office running. If you need a problem fixed, and issues unblocked, he’s your guy. In charge of the rupees and cents……. Hyper-active.


CFO - Chief Financial Officer

About Us

AGC is not just a brand name. It is an experience.

We are an independant, legitimate and law-abiding, Sri Lankan owned consulting firm that believes in long- term relationships based on quality service and quality advice.

Our consultants are upto-date with the latest immigration laws, regulations and practices.


To be the most trusted education Consulting firm that will transform the lives of thousands of sri lankan aspiring candidates by delivering an holistic view of the opportunities available, overseas.


Our goal is to turn a typically stressful time into a fun and transformative experience for students and families.

At AGC, we aim to provide the highest quality of service to our clients, with a focus on excellance, aunthenticitym productivity and integrity.

Our International partners

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